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  1. A2/Z1 Cams and Rockers and Head

    Parts Wanted
    I need either A2 Head or Z1 Head or even T-R Head, I want the cams and rockers from any of those heads, but wouldnt mind buying the entire block because the valvetrain would be nice off any of those! PM/TXT 717-808-1293
  2. FULL PART OUT k20A 6 speed hybrid racing

    Parts for sale
    Make a new thread in compliance with the rules. Thanks.
  3. WTB: K20 EK Swap Parts

    Parts Wanted
    WTB ASAP: RSX Shifter Cables RSX throttle body (OEM, w/sensors if possible) For fastest response, feel free to shoot me a text with pics and a total price shipped to 37931. Paypal verified and ready to go. 865.356.2259
  4. typeS in k24a4 head

    Engine Building
    i have a k24a4 head and i have a complete k20a2 rocker assembly with cams just wondering if it would work ...and do i have to lock the 2 lobes or leave rockers stock ...its for a all motor build 14:3.1 comp
  5. I need an E-Plug for K20 ECU (JDM DC5)

    Australia / New Zealand
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a K-Swap, and forgot to get the E-Plug when I got my JDM K20A from a DC5. The Part number is 353826-1, it's a 31 Pin Plug that goes into the ECU: Kind Regards, Dean UPDATE: Found the Plug...
  6. Long term issues

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I'm sure most of you on here have seen or heard about the skunk2 cams having a chain slap. It is said that an upgraded tensioner will combat this problem resulting in a smooth chain cycle. With this thought in mind, how well does the oem tensioner hold up against springs with a high seat...
  7. FS/CA: K20a3 vtec killer with type R goods.

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    Everything Sold. Please close. Thank you.
  8. JDM DC5 K20A Type R 6 Speed. B18C, B16B,H22A,H23A,F20C Parts and more

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    JDM Nagoya Auto Parts 10570 Ave Ethier Montreal Nord Qc H1H0A3 Canada Toll free: 1866-535-0909 Tel: 514-328-0909 [email protected] We are offer World wide shipping. We guarantee the best price on the market. Pm me or call us for quotes.
  9. 2001 ITR W/ JDM K20A problems PLEASE HELP!!

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    hi all i have a 2001 itr with a jdm k20a swap running with a stock jdm prd ecu. mods are i/h/e. i have had the swap running for about 6 months. since about 3 months ago i have been having the problem where the car randomly bucks/stutters when shifting hard and dumping the clutch into the next...
  10. WTB: K20A Primary O2 sensor (Does not need to be working)

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a non-working Primary O2 sensor, let me know what you have and where you are located! Thx!
  11. k20a ECU - $300 shipped

    Parts for sale
    k20a ECU - $300 shipped **Pictures** Selling my JDM K20a ECU asking $300, plus 3% paypal fees shipped to anywhere.
  12. WTB: k20 ek hatch

    Cars for Sale
    Looking for a clean white one or yellow. Those are the only two colors i am interested in. Thank you. can pm me or txt me at 501-295-7779.
  13. K20a swapped 03 Civic Si/hondata k pro/AEM fuel rail/ETC 12000 OBO

    Cars for Sale
    K20a swapped EP3 /K pro/bottle fed Civic Si with 99918 miles on it right now but daily driven ..... i bought with the mods on it so there still are new things i find all the time lol it has pw jdm carbon engine dress kit with whale penis intake lol with a pw jdm battery relocator with odyssey...
  14. Katman's Dyno Adventures!

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Here you'll find consolidated links to all of dyno testing I've personally have setup for the K-series world being the nice guy that I am :) Anything I dyno test will be added and/or linked to this first post from now on, newest to oldest. A lil Katman personal K history... I've been EG...
  15. 36mm 5 lug, GM itr wheels, Gsr brakes, rota SVN 5x114 and more!

    Parts for sale
    Hey everyone, This is my first for sale thread here on K20a. I've bought a bunch of stuff on here, but mostly sold on Honda-tech (same user name). I recently swapped out my 36mm 5 lug back to 4 lug for choice of wheels so I'm selling the swap plus some other stuff. Local pickup preferred in...
  16. K20A vs K20A2 - Valve springs

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I read everywhere that the valve springs in the K20A are different from those in the K20A2, but which are the differences? And these: Are they from a K20A or a K20A2? Thanks for helping.
  17. Need head specs for k20a,k20a2 and k20a3.

    General K-series related talk
    I need the specs of the head for all three motors whats the difference between all of them. Im doing a swap(k20a2) for a buddy of mine and i will be picking up the motor(k20a3) off him and i would like to know if i can mod the head to be equal to the k20a or the a2 head. Someone please point...
  18. Help and info needed on a K20a engine

    General K-series related talk
    Ok I have a 2003 ep3 with the base k20a3 engine in it. I was wanting to buy a K20a from ebay and it comes with the transmission and everything. First question is do I really need the 6 speed transmission or can I just buy the engine and put that in my car? Another question, is putting the K20a...
  19. 1994 integra gs-r for sale!

    Cars for Sale
    1994 acura integra GSR completely stock..188k miles on chassis and engine I'm selling this for my sister. it runs fine. has some rust spots as shown in the pics. AC/Heat work fine. If you have any questions, let me know! testing waters with $3300 obo..make an offer!! thanks for looking!:up...