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  1. Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rail

    Engine Building
    been looking around at fuel rails, just wondering if anyone has used Skunk2's composite fuel rail and what did you think of it? I understand it is supposed to keep fuel cooler, but I haven't seen it on any setups I've read. How does it compare to hybrid racing, ktuned, or other rails? Thanks for...
  2. WTB: RSX parts and EP3 AC line from condensor to compressor

    Parts Wanted
    WTB: EP3 AC line from condensor to compressor Hi guys, I need the following part from the 2002-2005 EP3 PIPE ASSY., AIR CONDITIONER
  3. Swap shops/eng sources near Los Angeles?

    The Coffee shop
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this great site. I'm really impressed. I have a couple of questions. Please give me a hand. 1. Are there any GOOD (skilled and reputable) shops to perform a complete swap of a K20A2 engine/trans into a 94 Integra? (Los Angeles area) 2. What are the best (reputable)...
  4. FS: 01' Mint GSR JDM K20A Swap w/ Full Race, Hybrid Racing

    Cars for Sale
    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! On ebay as well Ebay Sale Link 2001 Acura Integra GSR (91K Org. Miles!!): $8400 JDM K20A LSD Swap (20K-25K Miles): $5500 Buddy Club Racing Spec. Full Coilovers: $1350 ASR Subframe/22mm Sway bar combo (Black): $299 Skunk2 Rear Control Arms: $150 Full-Race ProStreet...