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  1. K20A into 05 rsx type S

    Introduction Forum
    so I just bought a rsx type s a couple months back and it died within 2 weeks (valve dropped cracked block she done) I just bought a k20A type R (engine only) as it was 2k and the engine and trans was like 4500 (not doing that) so ill be using a type s tranny but im using stock type s harness...
  2. FS: Genuine HKS TURBO KIT

    Parts for sale
    Hello all, I am selling a HKS turbo kit I had on my K24a2 2006 Acura RSX Type-S. On wastegate (5psi) it made 285whp/250wtq on Kpro. Used for (1) oil change. Roughly 1500 miles. Blew the rings on cyl # 1 and went back to a z1 and removed the kit. Had intentions of re-installing with 1000CC...
  3. Boosted K20 breather setup :(

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hi all, Yes I know it has been talked about a fair bit already with having the correct engine breather setup once boosted BUT I have the second boosted K20 come in to me with running issues which have had boost conversions, turbo and supercharged, carried out but completely disregarded the...
  4. k20z3 Crankshaft Confusion

    General K-series related talk
    I am in the process if rebuilding my k20z3 and i ran into a possible issue regarding the crankshaft. I had measured the rod bearing journals and they were larger that the factory engine measurements in the si supplement in the repair manual. If anybody knows the answer to my confusion then...
  5. DCTyler's DC2 build thread!

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    What's up everyone, I'm Tyler. I just recently picked up a 94 JDM swapped Integra on a trade and it's my goal to K swap in the near future as well as make it as clean as I can. The body is in great shape minus the typical quarter panel rust but that will all get fixed in due time. I'm making...
  6. K Series Water Pump Flow

    Engine Building
    So I'm in the process of developing a parts list of what I really need as I tear down a K20A2 and a K24A1 I just picked up. I've been searching around the site and I haven't been able to find anything regarding differences between water pumps really other than the oil cooler outlets that the...
  7. K20 Part-Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc.

    Parts for sale
    K-Swap Part Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc. Need everything gone before September! Prices are dirt cheap and priced to move, as such, prices are firm. Parts are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Prices are listed in USD as this is predominantly an American board! Everything is available...
  8. Hello from NJ! Datsun Build lol

    Introduction Forum
    Hey guys. Literally been lurking on here for years. I have a a few kseries in recent years and even an S2k. I am somewhat of a Honda fan boy but even more of a car enthusiast in general. Wanted to share my latest venture and document everything and possible even start a youtube channel...
  9. FS: complete K20Z1 with transmission

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    No longer selling
  10. Norma K20

    K-series powered Kit cars
    Hello all Been lurking around here while this is a great forum for info on the k20 platform. This is my Norma sports racer. It's got a k20 not sure which but learning more about it as i go. It's a purpose built race car for entry/club level endurance racing and hill climbs. I am learning a...
  11. Norma K20

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Moved to the k20 kit car area thought it was more appropriate
  12. Does ERL Performance still exists?

    The Coffee shop
    Any information to that would be appreciated, as doesn't work anymore. Thanks
  13. k swap c101 connector help

    Wiring and Electronics
    hi guys just after some insight on this issue i might have i just replaced my c101 male connector off the engine harness repined it as it was and went to pug it in all pins look good but i have a extra pin in my engine harness that my conversion harness does not have i looked it up and its pin...
  14. jdm ecu what works

    ECU and Tuning
    gday guys just wonder if JDM HONDA ODYSSEY have immobilizers and does this go for all jdm ecu? can they be used for a k24 swap
  15. 02 Civic EX Coupe EM2 Kswap for Sale

    Cars for Sale
    Good day, This vehicle was my project car. Very well taken cared of. Very fun to drive. If you are interested you can contact me at [email protected] or 340-513-8116. My name is Jamal Location: US VIRGIN ISLANDS Price:$7000 or Your Best Offer Color: Black Specifications: Engine: Acura...
  16. ChrisMoo's K20eg StreetCar

    Civic Builds
    Hows it going guys, Im Chris and here il try and put together a build thread of my daily. after a while of uploading pictures to Facebook i figured id share the progress of the car to the good peeps here! Keep in mind i DO daily the car here in sunny South Florida, so that is the reasoning...
  17. WTB hondata kpro

    Parts Wanted
    hi guys im after a hondata kpro for my civic ek k24 swap im runing a k24a3 same as k24a2 if eny one has a kpro willing to sell pm me shipped to Brisbane QLD Australia 4061 :coleman:
  18. Rustbucket's K20Z3 CR-Z

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hi, all - Been a K20A lurker for a hot minute now, so I figured it was finally time to post up what I've been working on. Properly documented information regarding the swap in to a ZF1 chassis is also seriously lacking, so I figured I'd post my progress and findings! The boys at Teknotik are...
  19. FS: *Cheap* Rotrex C38-61

    Parts for sale
    *SOLD* Rotrex C38-61 Price lowered to stupid cheap now, need this gone asap Cleaning out garage due to overseas move. Have had this sitting in a box for a while. Rotrex C38-61 + Kraftwerks adapter plates. Max 7500 road miles on an EP3 Type-R which I sold. Priced to sell, includes shipping...
  20. K24a2 Goodies

    Parts for sale
    I have a complete k24a2 longblock for sale along with some goodies to go a long with it. I am located in Oklahoma City and I am willing to ship the smaller parts. I also make frequent trips down to Dallas. All parts are new, never opened, or are in mint condition. The prices are FIRM and the...