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  1. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    We are actually building a 8 s-car for the 1/4 mile and the question always was what is needed to get into low 8 s times. As I am curious I build up an simulation model, which includes: an engine model with torque over engine speed for the necessary revving range and an mass inertia model of...
  2. General K-series related talk
    Hello everyone, I just recently bought a Acura RSX but it’s automatic because I couldn’t afford the type S. I want to make my car faster at least 200hp can anyone help me with this situation?
  3. K-Series Transmission
    Hey guys, Anybody have any experience with the Syncrotech hardened 2nd gear and slider? The 2nd gear on my trans is a little chewed up, having issues engaging 2nd at high rpms. Just wondering if i should just go with OEM 2nd gear set or try syncrotech hardened gear. Don't know how much...
  4. All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    So I promised I would compile a list and post the prices on what it took me to K-Swap my vehicle. The numbers are solely taken on what it took me from tear down to start up. There are some gaps that do not involve the swap directly and are inputted out of my own interest. I'd like to...
  5. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I doubt this is the right place to drop this thread. But I was considering using an iris style throttle body for better airflow, has anyone done that with a K-series before? If not, why? Example:
  6. Parts for sale
    i got 2 K20a2(02-04) trannies for sale. Both tranny have about 30K miles on them. both never been open. I bought them awhile back and just been sitting on my shelf. Pictures will be added later today asking price is $800 located in Socal, CA
  7. Drag Racing
    Tim Grey is out early this year and he was testing his car @ the Englishtown Import Survival Series!! Click this link below to watch the video!!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality!!!!
  8. Drag Racing
    Checkout this video of Tubaso racing's K-Series All Motor Coupe!! This was a video shot before the Street Wars event of 2009!! Street wars is going to be tomorrow at E-Town! will be there!! Checkout the flyer below!!! Click this link below...
  9. Drag Racing
    Checkout this recent video. CHR Performance has recently rebuilt their shop and they are ready to race in 2010!! The shop was almost burned to the ground back in September 2009. Click this link below to download and watch the video in high...
  10. Pictures Gallery
    2010 BYP Time Attack Honda Civic *Australia Updated 1/03/10 I thought it was about time we share our car rebuild with We have learnt most of our knowledge of K-series from this very own forum. Here is our little contribution back to the forum. Most of the K-swap parts have been...
  11. Racing and Kills
    Checkout this recent race between the Blue Civic EK from St. Smart and the Pink Civic EG!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality!!! Racing 2010/2-February 2010/Videos/ -...
  12. New Product and Industry Announcements
    Some may have noticed, but for those who haven't here's the press release. Hasport has released redesigned versions of the EGK1, EKK1 nod EKK2 mount kits. The change is to the rear mount and bracket on these three kits. The old kit had the rear bracket bolting to the subframe and the mount...
  13. Pictures Gallery recently stopped in at VRaceworks while they were running a Forza Tournament!! Checkout the video below!!! Click this link below to download the original video in high quality!!!!
  14. Parts for sale
    AFI Fuel Rail with custom center feed for better fuel distribution among injectors I used this on my 03 rsx-s I spent about $150 on buying it, fittings, and hose, please jump on this deal. The feed is 8an and return can also be 8an or you can drill whatever size you want Comes with fitting...
  15. Drag Racing
    Click this link below for the entire interview!!! Click this link below for the entire interview!!!
1-15 of 15 Results