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  1. K20 RWD Celica-Help please.

    General K-series related talk
    Hi guys, like the title says, I need help on my build. I have a 1972 Celica that my friend and I are building to be a weekend warrior/ track car/drift car. I've been looking at motor swap choices for this car...the problem is that my main concern is keeping the car light and nimble and not...
  2. Up For sale or Trade is a Prc Ecu its Not Working Cheap Price....

    Parts for sale
    Up for sale or trade is a prc ecu "type r" ecu not working due to something being shorted easy fix I have a trusted website Aes ecu ecm Repair that will do repair nation wide they charge around 200 to fix it that includes shipping and return shipping i believe pics are up so some one reply...
  3. WTB: K pro ecu

    Parts Wanted
    Whats up guys. Looking for a K pro ecu, with datalogging. Got a stock PRB if needed for a trade or to knock down the price. Pm me if you guys got anything. Thanks :up:
  4. looking to buy a k-pro ...

    Parts Wanted
    need to buy a k-pro ecu used preferably .hit me up asap $$$ on hand !