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  1. Skunk2 Alpha header + K-Tuned 3 inch Oval Exhaust?

    Acura RSX / TSX / Honda Civic EP3 / 2006 Civic Si
    Has anyone ever installed a Skunk2 Alpha header and K-Tuned 3" oval exhaust on the K20A3? I have a JRSC EP3, Comptech Icebox, RC440 injectors, stock header, and Greddy SP2 catback. I'm looking to get a larger exhaust and the K-Tuned oval is the best sounding, looking, and fitting it looks. The...
  2. Brockway Engineering D Gauge, TracTuff Water Bypass, JRSC Lower Block Off Plate

    Parts for sale
    TracTuff Water Bypass Sold
  3. FS: Complete JRSC Aftercooler Kit + BNIB AIS Meth Kit w/upgrades + BNIB A2 HG

    Parts for sale
    Soon to be listed: RSX JRSC Inlet EP3 JRSC Manifold and Inlet Payment must be made through PayPal and the buyer is responsible for the 3% fee unless you send the money as a gift. I've sold a lot of parts here and on (Same username if you want to check my iTrader rating there)...
  4. Christiansolgsr's EM1 Build JRSC, Hybrid-Racing, K-Tuned Inside!

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    I wanted to start a new thread on my build, the other one wasn't what I wanted here is a condensed version of the old thread I will update this thread way more than I did with the old one: This is my 2000 Civic Si I'll let the pictures do all the talking Still in the process of paint and...
  5. JRSC, Aftercooler, Meth, AEM Wideband, Suspension, Fuel Setup

    Parts for sale
    So I have decided to put up quite a few extra parts for sale. I am not in a huge rush. All prices are OBO and without shipping. I am willing to ship, but would much rather prefer local pickup. Neuspeed X Brace: This part was a great addition to the car. It is the original under-car brace...
  6. WTB: JRSC Power Steering Pulley

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy one in good shape. Shoot me some offers!
  7. JRSC bearing replacement

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    does anyone have any information they can share on replacing the bearings in a jackson racing supercharger. the rear bearngs in mine have some play in them - and since i am goin to be running it at high rpm i will need to replace them. if they are press in , i have access to a suitable press...