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  1. IPS KME cams

    Parts for sale
    1,000$ IPS KME v2c cams [/url]IPS KME by Mark Gaw, on Flickr[/IMG] made 284HP on K24 back in may 2013 IMG_1677 by Mark Gaw, on Flickr Mark ctcc 71, 8th Gen Civic
  2. Stock K20a-r 6262 Turbo Dyno w/IPS Manifold

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    This build consists of....... Stock K20a-r Block Stock K20 head Stock K20a-r cams Supertech valvetrain Stock K20a-r Tranny w/4.05 Club RSX FD CC Twin Disk ID1000 Inj IPS K24 Manifold w/75mm Accufab TB FR Sidewinder T3 Manifold w/44mm WG Precision SC6262SP .82 A/R Turbo Mishimoto Intercooler 3"...
  3. 305whp K10 K25

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    05DC5s K25 K10s Build Thread a Twisted Loop Racing Production UPDATES ON PAGE 6 Special thanks to: Blake Automotive Sammy Nikos Ed Senf Moseley Chunky ASP and Stefan MCP IPS ERL Endyn King Motorsports All good stories start somewhere and mine started like this. I was...
  4. Need advice on the perfect NA cam.

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I currently have a 04 RSX with a k20a2 in it. I have blown 3 engines in this car so far. So, I figured its time to get something that can handle a little more than stock. I need an aggressive street cam because I want to make around 250hp to the wheels with a NA motor. I plan to keep the bottom...
  5. IPS recommended OEM valvetrain

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I am getting ready to order this setup and just want to make sure I've got everything covered. 16 - valve seals - 12210-PZ1-004 & 12211-PZ1-004 (8 of each) 16- yellow outer spring - 14761-PCX-003 16 - red inner spring - 14752-PRB-A01 32- valve cotter - 14781-PRB-A02 I've already got the...
  6. ips k2 mkII valve lash

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    i lost my paper and was wondering if anyone knew this? is it .009" on both intake and exhaust? please verify. thanks in advance.
  7. RSX-S: IPS K2 / Supertech Valves / Bolt-ons + Dyno Tune

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    K-Series Motors are very popular here at TDC. Nhia brought us his RSX-S with high hopes of making more power out of his K20 N/A build. K-motors can be very responsive when coupled with top notch parts, and Nhia wanted to do it right when it came to the bolt-on's, cams and springs. We...
  8. Blazed | WESTSPEC | 2014

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Welcome to my never ending build/progress thread; I say never ending because it seems whenever I think I'm close to the finish line, I always find something else I want or this or that, and like that it is now close to 6 years I own her. I bought this 1996 Honda Civic DX Coupe in december of...
  9. Civic Type R IPS Spec k24a Rotrex

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    The car has been on the road for a month so far getting some miles on the motor. k24a 89mm ERL assembled Calico coated crank and rods cunningham rod, ips spec Je 89mm 10.5 compression Ips spec S2000 crank 90.7mm stock head with inconel valves exhaust side , supertech valvetrain, IPS ksc1 8620...
  10. skunk2 kseries intake manifold

    Parts for sale
    hey i have a slightly used skunk2 kseries intake manifold forsale. just used for a dyno test between this and an rbc. it made the same power with a little more midrange on my stock k20a2 compared to my rbc. will make really good power over a stock manifold. eliminates problems like crx hood...
  11. K20Z3_IPS K2 8620 248hp, 175tq Hondata Flash Pro Tuned

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    ill make it simple and sweet this is one of the first tunes done by a dealer, tuned by me Daniel aka palmerblock @ Church Automotive Testing.... the cams were also installed by me:D setup k20z3 stock block ips k2 8620 cams dual valvesprings w/ti retainers w/new keepers Authentic SSR 4-1 header...
  12. 923.6 whp on 32 psi with IPS Signature Series 2.2L motor

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    IPS Signature Series 2.2L dyno on stock head KT2 and IPS manifold IPS Signature Series 2.2L: * IPS-KT2 * IPS intake manifold * IPS Archetype Program: Pistons, Connecting Rods & Crankshaft * stock K20A2 cylinder head * Full-Race twinscroll * Borg Warner S372: Race...
  13. IPS Signature Series 2.2L dyno on stock head KT1 and IPS manifold

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    IPS-KT1 IPS intake manifold stock K20A2 cylinder head VP C16 Hondata Kpro
  14. IPS KXV cams dyno with stock head

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Got this from greece The motor is a k24a with 87.5mm bore pistons. Stock head, big tube header made by ASP Stefan. High compression (around 14) Vtec was set around 6200 RPM and as you can see the tuner is putting that low cam lobe to work. Pistons were the custom IPS pistons I sold last...
  15. Project Phoenix rising - yep, time to rebuild again.

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Project Phoenix burning - yep, time to rebuild again. A few weeks ago, my engine started making some noises. It sounded like rod knock so I ordered myself some new rod bearings and put them in. Sound persisted, but engine's compression was good, there was nothing in the oil when I replaced...
  16. 330 is the new 300 - IPS KXV preliminary testing on k24a

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    This is a dyno from a k24a motor with IPS kxv Tuning was incomplete because they didn;t have time to finish due to a blown head gasket.. so no real ignition tuning or composite vtc etc.. k24a 99mm stock crank 13:1 compression CRV head with VTEC cams 4-1 header by Stefan at ASP Thanks to...
  17. IPS Mark3 Preliminary Results on built k20a2 block

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    These are some results on a built k20 block with stock oem 86mm crank, aftermarket pistons, rods . At this preliminary stage, I can tell you that IPS manifold is not used yet and the motor is not running the best possible piston and rod. However it is a very good starting point to show the...
  18. IPS Manifold Prototype 2.0 Liter Version vs RBC

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Specs Civic EG K20z1 IPS K2 8620 MarkII rbc vs IPS manifold with 75mm TB rcrew rh some 3 in exhuast stock head Tuned by Daniel aka Palmerbrock This is the same motor that was posted a few days ago for a baseline.
  19. Good valve lash settings (how tight can we go?)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I'm using k20a/itr cams with eibach evs valvesprings. I know the proper valve lash settings. However I wanted to find out who has played with valve lash settings? I know if you go tighter then you increase valve lift and can squeeze out a hair more power (more lift is the same as having a...
  20. IPS Spec JE Pistons vs JE shelf pistons

    Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    What he have here is a comparison of a custom IPS spec JE pistons designed for endurance racing and a "stock" off the shelf , regular JE piston. The shelf JE piston specs: J.E. 13.1:1 (87mm) weighed 334.5 grams its wristpin weighed 97.9 grams. The IPS spec JE piston (endurance racing...