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ips k2

  1. K20Z3_IPS K2 8620 248hp, 175tq Hondata Flash Pro Tuned

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    ill make it simple and sweet this is one of the first tunes done by a dealer, tuned by me Daniel aka palmerblock @ Church Automotive Testing.... the cams were also installed by me:D setup k20z3 stock block ips k2 8620 cams dual valvesprings w/ti retainers w/new keepers Authentic SSR 4-1 header...
  2. IPS Mark3 Preliminary Results on built k20a2 block

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    These are some results on a built k20 block with stock oem 86mm crank, aftermarket pistons, rods . At this preliminary stage, I can tell you that IPS manifold is not used yet and the motor is not running the best possible piston and rod. However it is a very good starting point to show the...
  3. Intrinsic Performance Solutions (IPS) Cams/ITB Dyno Video(9700 RPMs)OverRev Mag Car

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Intrinsic Performance Solutions has been very well dedicated in creating the best possible cams for different applications. Their cams have by far has made proven horsepower in their street application, IPS K2 cams. Ron from IPS has put countless hours to give people more information and data...
  4. IPS cams w/ toda valve spring?

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Would this combo work together? if so, how well you think? Getting cams soon but I want Reliability also as with Power. Goal 260whp. Getting toda valve spring because I heard single spring is better then dual spring. As far as Cower stage 2 3/4, it has a dual spring kit. And Would it be as...