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  1. K-Series Transmission
    As you can see in the picture I broke my bellhousing on my k20z1 trans in my k swap EK. (Broken on the rear t bracket, top bolt location on the transmission) I think I broke it at the last autocross I went to. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Chalk it up to bad luck/casting or is this...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I am doing a k20 swap with a RBC manifold in a 2004 Em2. I was wondering if anyone knows which motor mounts are best because I seen some Em2 k swapped pics where the rad support has to be cut for the RBC and look like in some pics it is not cut. Thanks
  3. Cracked Up Racing
    We have over 458 k-swap parts to help you start, or finish, your swap. Don't see something that you need? PM or email us and we will track it down for you! Brands Include: Hybrid Racing Ktuned Private Label Header P2R Adaptors & Cooling Innovative Mounts Hondata Drive...
1-3 of 3 Results