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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    K24a2 swap, rbc manifold, kprov4 When I start the car, keep in mind I'm only on a base map as of rn, when I start it it idles really well but very high at 1120-1170 rpms , -20 MAP PSI and 2.7 INJ(ms), then say about 2 minutes later ut would then suddenly change and idle around 750-850 jumping...
  2. General K-series related talk
    I usually idle around 900 rpm and it runs great. After few months I run it again and it's only at around 500-600 rpms. My O2 sensor isn't receiving volts and my afr is stuck on "10.7", and map is only around "-12 psi". My map usually around -17psi when it ran normally. Running a k24a2 swap...
  3. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    96 Integra with k20a2 engine swap and 2002 EP3 SI 5-speed transsmission The engine has stock internals besides arp head studs, all bolt-ons only. RBC intake manifold karcepts fuel rail, stock type-s throttle body, -6AN fuel feed and return lines with AEM 340 fuel pump, Pump relay upgrade mod...
1-3 of 3 Results