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  1. Engine Building
    Hi folks, did anyone of you "attend" :D - better said bought - a lecture of TUNER As an example:, I was interested in, but 69 $ seems a tough prize for a book, of which I don't know the quality...
  2. Parts for sale
    New Price - RRC Intake Mani, Cover, Bolts, CL7 Intake Tube| TSX HyTech Cat + Catback I originally purchased the full system from IntegraGSR23 earlier this year. Selling because I cannot get the maximum gain out of it because I do not have sufficient supporting mods (cams and valve train...
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Im looking for a muffler that not too many people have on the honda fit. What about a twin loop muffler? I know a few companys make them. are they any good?
  4. Parts for sale
    As the title says, this is a Hytech header for an RSX chassis that's only been used for about 8 months. I don't drive a lot, it's probably about 8000 miles. But hytech headers don't really lose their ability to do their job. This one was slightly special made for my build, which was a stroker...
1-4 of 4 Results