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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I just getting started with learning how to build engines. The build I am making is a Turbo Charged K24a4 engine. Low compression. I got a K24a2 head for it but I realized the pistons will meet the valves. Will putting tsx pistons and rods in it make it work right with no exploding? What are...
  2. Introduction Forum
    I recently purchased a 2006 Honda Accord coupe. It has a k24a8 I’m really interested in making it a relatively fast daily.. obviously I have to abide by certain guidelines I guess.. I’m in Arizona if that helps.. my experience with Honda is somewhat limited and I’m not a mechanic.. I did have an...
  3. General K-series related talk
    Just as my title states, I need to know whether or not they will be compatible, ie all the ports match, no blockage of flow, etc... I have been searching online but found nothing. I don't have any head gaskets from each so that I could compare... I have both the a4 and a8 heads but the a4 is...
  4. Parts for sale
    got less than 25,000 miles on it. comes with everything in the picture 08 Honda Accord asking $800 OBO * * text me at 405-532-1724
1-4 of 4 Results