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  1. FS: 04 RSX Type S K20A2 Head

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  2. K20A2 vs K24A2 Head info

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi guys. My name is Dan and I'm an intern for Palm Beach Hot Rods. We have a customer with a 2004 Element who wants to push as much power (300 hp, either to the wheel or crank) as possible. Now were going to run all Skunk 2 internals and IM but were a bit confused on the head. Skunk 2 says...
  3. To Rebuild or Replace??

    General K-series related talk
    Sup K20A?? Well heres the situation. I have an a3 block n a2 head sitting @ the house that I wanna put in my em2 already. the problem is the head is pretty damaged and needs much attention to. basically one of the cylinders is damaged up and the 4 valves included + im missing some cam covers...
  4. FS: K24A4 Head - Complete

    Parts for sale
    As the title states I have a K24 head for sale that was pulled out of an 05 Accord that had 56k on it. Shoot me offers.
  5. K20 Warped Head

    Engine Building
    So i'm about to pick up a cheap k20a2 head from a friend of mine who works at Acura but there is one problem, the head is warped and is out 6 thousands or 0.006. Acura won't machine a head via the Service Manual, but I know its been done before. What is the maximum tolerance that I would be...
  6. TSX Head For Sale

    Parts for sale
    k24a2 Head out of on 2006 acura TSX for sale. 6k miles PM me if interested
  7. k24a1 parts for sale!!

    Parts for sale
    i have some k24a1 parts i took off the longblock, and im selling the stuff i dont need. i dont know the milage as when i bought it, they didnt know either. ALL PRICE IS OBO!! k24a1 head, comes with everything you see in this pics and coil packs except for the cam sensors. has some rust due to...
  8. k24a1 CRV Cylinder Head with 12k miles

    Parts for sale
  9. WTB 06-08 Civic Coupe Right side Headlight

    Parts Wanted
    just what the title says. pm me if you have one for sale. thanks Blake
  10. k20a3 head/act stage 2 clutch/ tons of k20 parts! best offer!

    Parts for sale
    have a complete k20a3 head that came off my old base motor/ also have a act stage 2 six-puck clutch with 85% life left on it. all kinds of k20 motor parts, everything minus the block/pistons/rods. best offer on ALL k20 parts... best offer on the clutch. motor was pulled because i swapped to a...
  11. How do you block off the coolant port on tsx head?

    General K-series related talk
    I remember seeing a thread on someone blocking it off but I can't seem to find it. I'm getting ITBs soon for my k24a2 head and I was just wondering how people block the coolant port off? Trying to do it with the motor still in the car so simplicity would be the best!