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  1. For Sale K24a1 head ppa

    Parts for sale
    Up for sale is a K24a1 head. The head has never been messed with. never been milled or ported. Asking $200 plus shipping or local pick up in Ohio
    $200 USD
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, still new to this forum and problematic, please be patience 😇 Want to buy used K20Z2, economic engine for my economic Acco. I´m interested in differences between exhaust vs. intake valve setting screws. As you can see on pictures, settings screws for intake valves are more protruding than...
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I have a 100k mile k24z3 head that im rebuilding as a spare since I'm building the block and going to use a different head on it. Everything looks good in the head and I want to know what I can reuse and what I should replace to have a reliable head without buying all new parts. I was thinking...
  4. Parts Wanted
    K20a2 or k20z1 head bare or whole. Pm me! Paypal ready!
  5. Parts Wanted
    Need 1 piston to get my baby running again :) I'm located in Hawaii so I will need to get this shipped. Pm me pics and info on them. thanks
  6. Parts for sale
    hey k20a .. I have an mcp 400+ whp cyclinder head titanium I made with a simple 99 mm 87.5 14:2:1 350 on ftw red on m5 would have made 365 + . I had a 36 mm non titanium cyclinder head before on a 103 mm stoker made 402 on one dyno and 393 on another on m5 these cyclinder heads the best in the...
  7. Parts for sale
    got a prb head that was hot tanked and cleaned and replaced all intake valves i wanted 700 firm for the complete head assembly but no one has the cash so im forced to part it out bare head 300 with valves springs and retainers 35o sold rocker assembly 150 + shipping A2 cams 150 shipped...
  8. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys I have a AUDM spec CL9 with the obvious k24a3 engine. I'm about to purchase a k20a2 bare head from a ep3R. I know its probably been discussed before but I still can't understand what has to be done. People say the head will bolt straight on but I want to hear it from someone with...
  9. Motors / Swaps for sale
    FS: $1100 - K24 Frank long block, Will part, Will Ship! EVERYTHING SOLD, Please close!
  10. Parts Wanted
    I need either A2 Head or Z1 Head or even T-R Head, I want the cams and rockers from any of those heads, but wouldnt mind buying the entire block because the valvetrain would be nice off any of those! PM/TXT 717-808-1293
  11. Engine Building
    i have a k24a4 head and i have a complete k20a2 rocker assembly with cams just wondering if it would work ...and do i have to lock the 2 lobes or leave rockers stock ...its for a all motor build 14:3.1 comp
  12. Parts Wanted
    Looking for bare or assembled head.... Rather have it bare. I have my own valvetrain Pm or text 513-218-7186
  13. Parts Wanted
    What's good guys Im looking for a A Bare k20a2 Head ASAP! completely bare Must Be In Good Condition Though And I need Pics (3 or 4) of the head :up:
  14. General K-series related talk
    Hey so I have a 2002 civic Si hatch's stock motor, my cams are bad so I need to change the head, I have a block and head for a 2007 k24a8 accord, witch I plan and want to swap out, because mines is I want to know any special things I need to do while swapping, or any...
  15. Parts for sale
    looking to get rid of my k series parts. some of the pictures arent the best, if interested i can send more. my names jon and you can contact me at 717-476-7419 call or text. located in new oxford pa if anyone is interested in local pick ups. everything is neg to an extent since im not really...
  16. Parts for sale
    I'm selling the k20z3 I had sitting in my garage for about two years now. I have the cylinder head on eBay as of now, the rest you can either contact me about, or wait until I post it up. Everything is in perfect running conditions, and I will provide pictures if you are interested. My eBay...
  17. Parts for sale
    Hey guys, Have too many parts...must sell. So...i have an almost complete k20a2 swap...only thing missing is the transmission. It is taken apart...because i never used this one. For the whole swap including all the sensors and everything i am looking for 1595 shipped. All it is missing is...
  18. Parts Wanted
    No junk, both must be complete w/ sensors and in good working order. Cash in hand and must have vouches. :up::up: PM or reply here. Phil
1-18 of 35 Results