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  1. RSX Builds
    I built a K24z7/K20a2 engine for my RSX but i ran into a problem, when i used the k24z7 head gasket it had a bit of a gap where oil was spitting out the rear where the block and the head met. I was wondering if anyone knew what gasket i should use to fix this issue. I believe it is the oil...
  2. Parts for sale
    Title pretty much says it. I have a brand new in the package K20/K24 swap head gasket. I picked it up in a trade, but I won't be using it afterall. Looking to get $80 shipped OBO. Local pickup in the Portland area will also get first dibs.
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Been coming across a lot of discussion with the coolant diverters and which motors they are on. I don't recall seeing anythying like that when I disassembled my motor. Anyways long story short, my z3 block is bored to 87mm and I using the stock head still. Blew a cometic gasket gasket so I'm...
  4. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, let me introduce myself... Name's quietstorm and i'm from jamaica vacationing in NY.. Now on to the real issue at hand... My bro has a rsx with a k24. on his way from fixing his AC the car started overheating.. none the less being the braveheart he thinks he is he drove the car all the...
  5. General K-series related talk
    Hey guys, just swapped my a2 into an EG hatch and I went to burp the cooling system and came up with this... I have a k20a2 with asp headers, hondata IMG, ARP head studs blah blah that's about it...I'm running a type-s radiator. I filled the radiator with coolant, turned the car on and...
  6. Parts for sale
    FS: k20a3 head, head gasket, and head bolts. K20a3 head has around 60k miles. Nothing at all wrong with it. $400 obo. Head gasket and head bolts are brand new and never opened.
1-6 of 6 Results