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  1. Full Race Intercooler W/Piping, Down Pipe/Dump tubes,RBC Manifold,BDL Throttle & MORE

    Parts for sale
    Full Race Intercooler W/Piping, Down Pipe/Dump tubes,RBC Manifold,BDL Throttle & MORE What's up guys, I am currently changing the set up on my car so this parts have to go. All parts came off my 94 Civic EG with K20A2 swap. If interested you can call, private message or text me at 817-495-5710...
  2. GARAGE SALE, get you SUM!

    Parts for sale
    Massive clear out in Denver Colorado. Everything is BEST OFFER plus shipping but I would prefer to sell quickly so shoot me any offers. I can only say no or counter offer. Shoot me a pm or email me at [email protected] Quick hint (if you don't know) pressing Ctrl + F will search the page...
  3. KA24 turbo, Borg Warner EFR, Full Race, Brewed tune

    Pictures Gallery
    This in no K24 ;) however i that may actually change in the somewhat near future... Love that Honda K series just works SO well with a bit of boost. sohc ka24-t Tested a Borg Warner EFR series turbo 6258 (turbo on the car for the videos) Currently running a tiny little T25 and tial 38mm gate...
  4. Built k24, treated 5speed w quaife, full Race turbo kit 400+

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    So I plan on selling my Rsx to my little cousin soon as his first car and he definetley doesnt need this power level for his first ride, so I'm going back to almost a stock setup. The swap is still in my Rsx, I will make a vid of compression tests, idling and driving before it's pulled. So this...
  5. FS :: TurboXS 'Ball & Spring' Manual Boost Controller

    Parts for sale
    ClubRSX can vouch for my legitimacy. This is one of the best manual boost controllers you can buy. It controls boost extremely well and is the best bang for your buck MBC on the market. Used for 40,000 miles but still performs like new. Asking *LOWERED PRICE* $45 shipped / $40 picked up...
  6. FS: 01' Mint GSR JDM K20A Swap w/ Full Race, Hybrid Racing

    Cars for Sale
    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! On ebay as well Ebay Sale Link 2001 Acura Integra GSR (91K Org. Miles!!): $8400 JDM K20A LSD Swap (20K-25K Miles): $5500 Buddy Club Racing Spec. Full Coilovers: $1350 ASR Subframe/22mm Sway bar combo (Black): $299 Skunk2 Rear Control Arms: $150 Full-Race ProStreet...
  7. ETD traction bar failure

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    ***This thread is in no way trying to bad mouth ETD as a company but to show future patrons what they might have to deal with*** Ok So here my story begins. Ive had the ETD gen 2 traction bar installed on my car for close to 9 months. The car is a 1989 civic DX with b18b with moderate...