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  1. k20z3/k24a2

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    overheating and ichanged everything thermostat radiator fan coolant and water sensor manifold was leaking when only has 3k miles with my whole build .. i build it last year and bearly drove it ..had puffs of white smoke den fixed tht with manifold issue but still overheating my thoughts is...
  2. k20/24 build follow me as I go

    Engine Building
    I'm going to record everything on my build (k24a4 block/k20a2 head )and I figure what a better place than here for the members of to follow me and help me along the way with your comments seeing as this is my very first engine build and I'd like for all of you knowledgeable people to...
  3. How to: Dual ECU on TSX/CL9?

    ECU and Tuning
    Hey guys, im planning a K24/20 Frankenstein on my Euro CL7(not euro r) So i bought a cheap, used K24a3. I still need the Head from K20z4/Civic FN2, but before i´ll buy i need some help with the ECU. How can i connect my ECU with the FN2 ECU? Just needed for the engine, and my ECU should do...
  4. Frank Build !!

    Engine Building
    After owning an rsx-s and seeing the power in k series; I figure it was time to get rid of it and go for some more power. Decided to do a frank build and put it into a hatchback civic. After all the thinking and planning to build a motor for a daily driver racing street car, I finally ended up...
  5. k24/k20 N/A ITB build, looking for some help.

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    hey everyone, i know that some things might be already covered and/or discussed. i'm up here in toronto and i'm looking into doing a fully built k24/k20 ITB motor. i would LIKE to make around 300whp IF possible. (please no flaming, i'd like to keep this thread as junk free as internet forum...