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  1. FS: $1100 - K24 Frank long block, needs minor block work, See details inside!

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    FS: $1100 - K24 Frank long block, Will part, Will Ship! EVERYTHING SOLD, Please close!
  2. typeS in k24a4 head

    Engine Building
    i have a k24a4 head and i have a complete k20a2 rocker assembly with cams just wondering if it would work ...and do i have to lock the 2 lobes or leave rockers stock ...its for a all motor build 14:3.1 comp
  3. Best bang for your buck rods??

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Opinions anyone? What are some good bang for your buck options as far as connecting rods go? Planning a simple Frank Build. 09 TSX pistons, mild cams and head work. But I still wanna rev to a decent amount, a tad more then I feel comfortable with using tsx rods. Had blueprint Racings rods in...
  4. FS: k24 crv pistons and rings

    Parts for sale
    Item: nippon crv k24 pistons and piston rings Price: 125 obo Location: south florida Contact: 7869995584 Item Description: brand new set of crv k24 pistons and pistons rings. call between 11am and 10pm, text any time.
  5. **Froth's Personal K24/20 Frank. N/A Setup - Ported RBB - Everything.**

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    Yes, that is correct. This is my PERSONAL K24/20, now the reason for selling this is very simple. I totaled the car, and I'm backing out of the game for the time being and focusing on real life and getting a house, etc. Now that the boring stuff is over let's get to the real stuff about this...