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frank build

  1. K24a2 vs K24z3 block

    RSX Builds
    Recently I’ve bought a K24z3 that came out of a 2008 Honda Accord. I’m wondering if it’s worth building the z3 block or would a K24a2 be a better option. Im doing a k20/k24 frank and replacing the head with a K20z1 I’ve heard that the accord has fitment issues when it being put into a RSX, has...
  2. K24a3 with k20a2 head, frankenstein engine building help

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, im currently in the process of planning a k24 into a mk2 ford escort, im looking to do a k24/k20 Frankenstein build on the engine but im unsure on what parts from which engine to use, I will be buying a compete k24a3 motor and a k20a2 ep3 head (complete), what id like to know is what other...
  3. K20/K24 N/A Daily Driver Build

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve had my 06 Type S for about 3 years and its finally time for me to do my frank build. =D I’ve gotten most of my stuff, just waiting on a couple things here and there. Here’s my parts list K20Z1 OEM Overhauled valvetrain 07 K24A2 bottom end O9 TSX Pistons Manley H Beam Rods(Pending...
  4. k24/k20 RWD 250whp hopeful on the cheap (Sorta)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Critique my build...A k24/k20 RWD ITB NA 91oc 250whp hopeful Hi guys, can you please critique my build? I have tried to do my due diligence, but I'm still a full blow noob and know just enough to spend a lot of money on the wrong parts. I'd love your help or suggestions on my build. I have...
  5. Fitting K20a2 Oil Pump on K24a8?

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Goood Evening Just got my K24a8 block back from the machine shop and started to assemble. During assembly I ran into a little problem I did'nt expect, the K20a2oil pump is not a direct fit. There is a raised section on the bottom of the girdle that prevents the pump from sittting...
  6. k24/k20 frank build

    Engine Building
    hey guys i'm in the process of building a k24a4 block with k20a2 head frank build, this will be all motor street car( daily driver) any help or advise will be appreciated. here's what i'm planning on doing/set up. BLOCK: k24a4 - overbore to 88mm(.040+) -supertech 88mm 12.5.1cr pistons -scat...
  7. Frank Build !!

    Engine Building
    After owning an rsx-s and seeing the power in k series; I figure it was time to get rid of it and go for some more power. Decided to do a frank build and put it into a hatchback civic. After all the thinking and planning to build a motor for a daily driver racing street car, I finally ended up...