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  1. Engine Building
    Rookie engine builder here. :geek: I'm having trouble installing valve locks. All Ferrea parts -Valve lock kit -S10100 dual valve spring -SL1053 spring seat -E11066 retainers -6k series valves It seems to me that the valve is misaligned & not providing enough room for the valve locks. 1 of...
  2. General K-series related talk
    Are the Supertech springs seats H1020ds better than Ferrea SL1053? Does the additional lip make a better fitment and performance?
  3. Parts for sale
    BNIB Pro 156 head *$old* ************************************* $old Thanks for your interest! ************************************* This is a brand new 4Piston Pro 156 CNC head with the product no. 430 (s. picture below) for sale. It consists of: PRB-1 casting Ferrea 6000 36/30 mm valves...
1-3 of 3 Results