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    EK3 Ferio (Vi-RS) mild part out and this is no. 1 on the list, so here it is people, as the tittle states... Price: US$450 SHIPPED... -The kit comes w/everything... -Very RARE steering cover with optional light from a JDM EK Honda Civic... -Will fit all 96-00 Honda Civics...
  2. The Coffee shop
    Looky that...!!! ^^^ Now look at the next pic... It says 96 (Im thinking 96-00 Ferio, but never seen that sh!t before) :confused: Any1 happen to know where this thing came in or is it a Honda Accessories part...!? Thanks in advance...
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    Ship some Aloha to your front door! KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS OFF MY THREAD PLEASE 12000---OBO-shipping costs will be discussed with interested parties this is for my 1992 EG 4-door with a 2004 Acura TSX K24A2 engine swapped into it. The Engine has less than 3k miles on it. It makes...
  4. Dominican Republic
    00 - Civic Ferio (DR) Some pics of a clean Ferio (nothing big)... :cool: