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  1. WTB CL7 Accord Euro R ThrottleBody k20a

    Parts Wanted
    I know it's probably goin to be tough to find, but by coincedence, I figured if anyones runnin the CL7 k20a and are in the process of getting rid of some parts or plans to upgrade to a larger TB, I'd like to experiment with the throttlebody. I've got money in hand... just show me some pics with...
  2. RBC vs RSP(euro type R) intake manifold

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I would like to know if anybody got their hands on a RSP intake manifold? Did you test it against a RBC intake manifold? The RSP intake manifold is a three piece design that has much longer runners (about 2.5" longer) and a slightly bigger plenum than the RBC intake manifold. It is basically...