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  1. AEM EMS 1070 basemap k24

    ECU and Tuning
    Hello, I finished my build and would like to get a base map to get the car started so I can go over the car and make sure everything's ok before going to my tuner. K20 head, buddy club spec 2 cams with buddy club cam gears, full valve train K24 block, h beam rods, 12.5 compression rdx...
  2. K20 RWD Celica-Help please.

    General K-series related talk
    Hi guys, like the title says, I need help on my build. I have a 1972 Celica that my friend and I are building to be a weekend warrior/ track car/drift car. I've been looking at motor swap choices for this car...the problem is that my main concern is keeping the car light and nimble and not...
  3. WTB: 02-04 Kpro

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a 02-04 Kpro I do have AEM EMS V2 for trade...maybe we can work something out.