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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Does everyone here with the AEM Infinity just normally go with the 506 or 508 for a K24A? Ive tried to look everywhere online about the differences between these two but the only thing I could find was that the 508 can handle 8 cylinders and 8 fuel injectors while the 506 can go up to 6...
  2. Wiring and Electronics
    hi thort id ask around if any one knows how to do this as i dont thinks its been done or i just cant find any info or diagrams on it since its going backwards so iv got a pra kpro ecu and im using a prb style conversion harness set up for wide band and iv got a dc5 integra type r engine harness...
  3. ECU and Tuning
    gday guys just wonder if JDM HONDA ODYSSEY have immobilizers and does this go for all jdm ecu? can they be used for a k24 swap
  4. 1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    Hey Guys, Long time lurker. After a bit of searching around the web i have come to see that there are a few choices in ECU for the k20. I have an '88 CRX DX with a K20a2 that will be for a daily driver however i would like to be able to get an ECU that i will grow into if i decided to go to a...
  5. Parts for sale
    I have a complete k24a2 longblock for sale along with some goodies to go a long with it. I am located in Oklahoma City and I am willing to ship the smaller parts. I also make frequent trips down to Dallas. All parts are new, never opened, or are in mint condition. The prices are FIRM and the...
  6. ECU and Tuning
    I'll be using my ecu k20a3 from civic si ep3 for hondata. Now I'm wondering if I'll be missing any features if I don't use a k20a2 ecu. Now I know it's hondata so I can rewrite any maps on it but will I be missing any features. Are the k20a3 and k20a2 harness different? I'm trying to buy a...
  7. ECU and Tuning
    Kpro DIY Board swap there was a very useful looking thread on this a year or so ago with good instructions and pictures of how to prep a OEM ECU to accept a Kpro Board. see here sadly the pictures are no longer online has anyone done this -...
  8. ECU and Tuning
    OK guys help me out here. i have a k24 integra and the speedo on the cluster is off by like 10mph, I wired the orange wire on the cluster plug (which is the vss input) to the kpro connector E pin 25 vss out. The speedo on cluster did not work with it being wired to kpro vss out. The reason i did...
  9. ECU and Tuning
    Hey guys, im planning a K24/20 Frankenstein on my Euro CL7(not euro r) So i bought a cheap, used K24a3. I still need the Head from K20z4/Civic FN2, but before i´ll buy i need some help with the ECU. How can i connect my ECU with the FN2 ECU? Just needed for the engine, and my ECU should do...
  10. Parts Wanted
    Looking to put together a quick k20 ek. Just looking for a swap header and ecu to finish it off. Pm me or text 513-218-seven186
  11. Parts for sale
    Up for sale or trade is a prc ecu "type r" ecu not working due to something being shorted easy fix I have a trusted website Aes ecu ecm Repair that will do repair nation wide they charge around 200 to fix it that includes shipping and return shipping i believe pics are up so some one reply...
  12. Parts for sale
    hey k20a i've:um: got a prc ecu for sale or trade reasonable offers :twocents:accepted pic 1: <p> pic 2 <P> pic 3
  13. Parts Wanted
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a K-Swap, and forgot to get the E-Plug when I got my JDM K20A from a 03-04 DC5. The Part number is 353826-1, it's a 31 Pin Plug that goes into the ECU: Found one, thanks for looking. Kind...
  14. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a K-Swap, and forgot to get the E-Plug when I got my JDM K20A from a DC5. The Part number is 353826-1, it's a 31 Pin Plug that goes into the ECU: Kind Regards, Dean UPDATE: Found the Plug...
  15. Parts Wanted
    Want to buy a virgin prc ecu please don't reply if your price is really high
  16. Wiring and Electronics
    I have a k-pro and a wiring harness for a 02-04 rsx-s but I can only plug in two connectors into the k-pro.... I found some pictures showing the third connector that I don't seem to have: Another: Here's what I have on my harness: It seems I'm missing something that goes from that long thin...
  17. Parts Wanted
    Send me what you have no k pro must be virgin
  18. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a Prc/PRB ecu thanks:cool:S
  19. Parts Wanted
    As title, looking for a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU for a 2002 DC5 Type R (JDM). Also if you've got any accessories will consider. WHYG?
  20. ECU and Tuning
    I've read on another forum that if you have doc swap k20tuned ecu and I you already have a kpro board that it will just slide right into the slot. Can anyone verify this. My ecu is fried but I think my kpro board is still good. Thanks.