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  1. Nyce1s Video - Dynamic Performance BWR Civic 8.8 Sec. Pass @ 177 MPH!!

    Drag Racing
    Congrats to Dynamic Performance as they recently ran a 8.8 second pass @ 177 mph!! This was done during a test n tune session at Englishtown as they are getting ready for the Honda Day in Orlando event which is coming up on September 21st & 22nd, 2013!! Click below for our official video...
  2. Nyce1s Video - Dynamic Performance Race Ready 2K13!!!

    Drag Racing
    The Nyce1s Race Ready series continues on with a recent stop in over at Dynamic Performance. Checkout the video as the team prepares for the the upcoming 2013 season and there first event which will be Honda Day @ Atco Raceway on April 13th & 14th, 2013!! Thanks to Ososik for a few of the video...
  3. Nyce1s - Dynamic Performance SFWD Turbo Civic @ Honda Day Atco 2011...

    Drag Racing
    Here is a look at Dynamic Performance's Turbo Civic EK. This is one of the cars from their stable of vehicles. Checkout the video as they ran at Atco Honda Day 2011. They will be in attendance this coming weekend at the Sport Compact Fall Nationals @ Englishtown on October 1st & 2nd competing in...
  4. Nyce1s - Dynamic Performance @ Sport Compact Fall Nationals 2010!!

    Drag Racing
    Here is a feature of Dynamic Performance's Sport Front Wheel Drive Class Civic during the Englishtown Fall Nationals Event!! Remember to checkout nyce1s on Facebook @ | Facebook !!!! Thanks to Bryan Orjuela for the Image!!! Remember...
  5. - Dynamic Performance Mitsubishi Evolution @ 1320 Dyno!!

    Drag Racing
    Checkout Dynamic Performance and their new toy. Here is their Outlaw Mitsubishi Evolution!! This is the car during it's 1st dyno tuning session!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality!!!
  6. - Dynamic Performance Preps For NSCRA MIR June 13th, 2010!!

    Drag Racing
    Here is an update from the guys over at Dynamic Performance. They should be back in action shortly!! Checkout for more information on the event series!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality...
  7. - Dynamic Performance 2 Car Turbo Tandem!!!!

    Drag Racing
    Here is a dual car feature of Dynamic Performance and their SFWD class Civics. We have always seen them at various track events. Check it out as these 2 cars keep getting faster and faster!!! Click below to watch the video via youtube!!! Click...