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  1. SICC Drag Series July 10th, 2010.... 1st Look @ the Belts!!

    Drag Racing
    We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in starting the SICC Drag Racing & Car Show Series. We just received some images of the belts!! This is the finished product. We are looking forward to the event on July 10th at Fayetteville Motorsports Park in North Carolina. Take a look at...
  2. - CHR Performance Presents the Return of Lightweight!!!

    Drag Racing
    Here is some recent footage as CHR Performance presents to you the Return of Lightweight!!! Click this link below to watch the video via youtube!!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in High quality!!!
  3. - $10,000 Outlaw FWD Shootout Video Presentation!!

    Drag Racing
    The inaugural $10,000 Outlaw FWD shootout is one race that has sparked the interest of many enthusiasts worldwide. The crew is proud to present our coverage of this event which took place during the Fall Nationals at Raceway Park! This is a 2 part video which showcases...