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  1. Odd CMC Noise

    K-Series Transmission
    Hello (2004 DC5-S), I have a very unusual sound coming from my CMC area / the sound is a squeaky sound almost like a spring coiling as I push the clutch in. I had my CMC CSC switched out after the seals going bad. Changing them out has so far been fine no problems but here is where I am lost...
  2. K24a swap into rsx type S

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Ok so I’ve dropped my K24A (From a 2006 Tsx) with a 2004 rsx type-S transmission (K20a2) I got my wiring harness on I put new oil in it and all that but I can not get the car to turnover. What do I need to do please let me know
  3. K24a2 vs K24z3 block

    RSX Builds
    Recently I’ve bought a K24z3 that came out of a 2008 Honda Accord. I’m wondering if it’s worth building the z3 block or would a K24a2 be a better option. Im doing a k20/k24 frank and replacing the head with a K20z1 I’ve heard that the accord has fitment issues when it being put into a RSX, has...
  4. TW/ FS 2003 Turbo RSX

    Cars for Sale
    Close this please
  5. Aero Block-Off Plates for the DC5

    NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    Hey guys! :) So I had time on my hands the past month or so and decided to start taking action based on a little trend I began to notice with track block-off plates: The concept, as discussed here, is basically that air enters the lower-left and lower-right side grilles, goes...
  6. WTB: RSX shell

    Cars for Sale
    looking for 2002-2006 rsx 5 speed or type s shell within 200 miles of zip 15223 , any color except for red,white,black. body must be in good condition, no major rust or dents. if you have that meets the description above please text me at 412-478-4417 thanks.
  7. Driveshaft Shop K-Swap / K-Series Level 0 and Level 2.9 Axles

    DriveShaft Shop K-Swap and K-Series Axles We regularly stock most Level 0 and Level 2.9 Honda / Acura DriveShaft Shop axles. Listed below are the K-Swap / K-Series axles we carry. EG / EK / DC2 with K-Swap (Level 0) - $284.50 + Shipping EG / EK / DC2 with K-Swap (Level 2.9) - $734.50 +...
  8. DevSport Front Bumper Wind Splitters (Civic / Integra / RSX)

    DevSport Front Bumper Wind Splitters Use code "K20a5off" to receive 5% off on our Splitters. Exclusive for K20a Members. $157.46 + Shipping :new_slayer: For more info and to purchase visit Features 100% Real ABS Plastic High rigidity water and chemical...
  9. DevSport Power Steering Rack Looping Kits (Civic / Integra / RSX)

    DevSport Power Steering Rack Looping Kit Use code "K20a5off" to receive 5% off on these kits. Exclusive for K20a Members. For more info and to purchase visit Looking to delete your power steering? Our kit makes it easy to loop the inlet and outlet ports of the...
  10. DevSport Front Bumper Aluminum Winglets (Civic / Integra / RSX)

    DevSport Front Bumper Winglets Use code "WGLFREE" to receive free shipping. Exclusive for K20a Members. $114.50 Shipped :new_slayer: For more info and to purchase visit Features Made from Aluminum Powdercoated Matte Black Pre-Drilled for easy installation Includes...
  11. WTB E-Plug for K20 ECU (03-04 JDM DC5)

    Parts Wanted
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a K-Swap, and forgot to get the E-Plug when I got my JDM K20A from a 03-04 DC5. The Part number is 353826-1, it's a 31 Pin Plug that goes into the ECU: Found one, thanks for looking. Kind...
  12. Buddy Club Thailand DC5

    Wiring and Electronics
    Just thought i'd share a couple pictures or the wiring i just wrapped up this afternoon. This is on the "Buddy Club Thailand" DC5 (I believe this is an old Buddy Club car that was retired and purchase by a friend of the Buddy Club who is now opening a branch in Thailand. The owner just...
  13. Mounts for EP3/DC5...

    Parts for sale
    They are basically under 500 miles used just a lil dirty from sitting around but that could be cleaned or re polished they are race bushings. Price US$220 shipped Its my cousin selling this, he is parting out his EP3 and these need to go! Dont know if the price is good or bad, pretty much...
  14. Looking for EP3 or DC5 shell Nighthawk Black

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a black shell EP3 or DC5 if you got one lying around you want to get rid of let me know, thanks!
  15. Xander's Strangely Stock DC5 Thread.

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Xander's K24 DC5 Thrad. Xander's Car Engine: K24a1 Motor Injen CAI Private Label Header Kteller 3inch exhaust piping with Vibrant Flat Black muffler Kpro TrackTuff Coil Cover Transmission: Kevlar Clutch Disk Stage 3 pressure plate Ktuned Clutch Line Mtec Race Springs Ktuned Shift Cables...
  16. Two Complete K20Z1 Partouts plus more tons of parts

    Parts for sale
    Im parting out the accessories from 2 k20z1 swaps and aftermarket parts, Pics below in order. Parts and prices updated First k20z1 had 12k original miles -PRC Intake Manifold $Sold -K20z1 Half Shaft $100 -k20z1 complete Throttle Body with all sensors $Sold -K20z1 complete Water Pump and...
  17. JDM DC5 K20A Type R 6 Speed. B18C, B16B,H22A,H23A,F20C Parts and more

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    JDM Nagoya Auto Parts 10570 Ave Ethier Montreal Nord Qc H1H0A3 Canada Toll free: 1866-535-0909 Tel: 514-328-0909 [email protected] We are offer World wide shipping. We guarantee the best price on the market. Pm me or call us for quotes.
  18. Christiansolgsr’s parts for sale thread! OBO on EVERYTHING! R-Crew, Recaro, DC5

    Parts for sale
    PRICES ARE OBO ON EVERYTHING!!! Here are the parts I have for sale, I used the pictures that I took for Craigslist; this is the reason I don't have my user name in them. I can get anyone more pictures if needed. I am willing to ship most items, buyer MUST pay for shipping. Feel free to make...
  19. Wtb dc5 blue recaro seats

    Parts Wanted
    Let me know if u have a pair forsale and the price for shipping to canada
  20. Help and info needed on a K20a engine

    General K-series related talk
    Ok I have a 2003 ep3 with the base k20a3 engine in it. I was wanting to buy a K20a from ebay and it comes with the transmission and everything. First question is do I really need the 6 speed transmission or can I just buy the engine and put that in my car? Another question, is putting the K20a...