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  1. K20/K24 N/A Daily Driver Build

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve had my 06 Type S for about 3 years and its finally time for me to do my frank build. =D I’ve gotten most of my stuff, just waiting on a couple things here and there. Here’s my parts list K20Z1 OEM Overhauled valvetrain 07 K24A2 bottom end O9 TSX Pistons Manley H Beam Rods(Pending...
  2. Daily in Chicago 4 sale---One Owner '05 5speed Accord

    Cars for Sale
    Hey guys, If anyone is interested in a nice daily. My brother is selling his 2005 5 speed accord. Pics and info in the link. PM or call me directly. We can work on price a bit. Thanks in advance, Luke 1-800-959-0145 ext 104...
  3. My 8thGen Si 4DR

    Civic Builds
    Currently I have a 2011 Civic Si FA5. I got it 2 years ago with 34,9xx miles and currently I'm at 93,400 and counting! The car is a daily driver, I beat the balls off of it every day and honestly can say it amazes me how it is still untouched internally. Only major problem I had was at 83,xxx...
  4. FS: 96 Civic DX coupe daily driver, 5spd $1200

    Cars for Sale
    A buddy is selling his daily driver, he lives upstate NY and commutes to Whiteplains everyday so thats why there is super high mileage... the car has a whopping 325K miles and still runs very strong and mint - the car just won'r die. He's maintained it very well with Mobil 1 oil changes every...