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  1. Engine Building
    Hey guys(and girls), does anyone know if the k20a6(EU) is the same as the k20a3(US), and if so is it possible to get actual VTEC for performance? I'm going for a turbo build to put on a custom built chassis built by me. There's a lot of good cheap k20a6 engines near where I live and I think if...
  2. Reflection's

    Reflection's of the car!
  3. Kpro dash

    That custom dash tho! Windows tablet dash
  4. 1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    The CRX orginally came with a full sized radiator. With the K swap its common to see half sized radaitors being installed. Aim What i would like to develop is a FULL SIZED custom alloy radiator that is drop in fitment, no welding, no modifcations . To achieve this i need your help. :o...
1-4 of 5 Results