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  1. Parts Wanted
    Hello, I'm searching for the JDM EK9 Civic Type R 99-00 Climate Control bezel. If you come across this part can you please let me know? PS. I'm also looking for thin side moldings. Thanks! - Cam
  2. All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    Hey guys, this is a last resort situation. I have a Jdm k20a in a Rhd ek hatch. I'm using a 02-04 k20a2 harness with a matching ecu (kpro) with a hasport sub harness. A z1 tranny, and a cut rbc with a z1 throttle body. The car used to run fine, then I upgraded to a cut rbc, and z1 tranny. The...
  3. Civic Builds
    hello there everyone well i just want to introduce myself first. My name is Luis B. Loyola I'm 23 years old with a bachelors degree.from CSULA on business admin i own my own business and i own two hondas. I REP HMO ICB STREETLIGHTZ HASBACK ELDS and many others and i appreciate everyone that...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hey I'm looking for ctr headlights and front lip. If a anyone has either of these item or please lmk or if you have both even better. Pm me a price and we can go from there. Thanks
  5. Cars for Sale
    I have a 2002 civic si hatch that has been swapped with a clean k24a2 from the ACURA TSX and has a built head with kelford cams and manley valvetrain this car is set up for street/ track and it has typer r everything original from honda interior recaros and red and exterior body parts and...
  6. Parts for sale
    EK9 98 SpecR HLs... However is interested in them, just get at me w/US$350 shipped, price is FIRM (but Im flexible in listeting to serious offers) More pics coming up, this is just one to get the FS thread rolling... No broken nothing, no cracks, no scratch (before sending, will buff them like...
  7. Parts for sale
    I have a set of 96-98 OEM headlights, bumper w/lip, grill and the fenders... Need to sell quick... US$750 *OBO* shipped, everything is in mint conditions, guy is doing a facelift on his CTR so, everything 96-98 is up for sale... --- Pics in a bit...
  8. Deals and Discounts
    I have a set of 96-98 OEM headlights, bumper w/lip and the fenders, (grill is already sold) Need to sell quick... US$700 shipped, everything is in mint conditions, guy is doing a facelift on his CTR so, everything 96-98 is for sale...
  9. Parts for sale
    Ok, so I got me another set of mint/clean 99-00 CTR headlights for sale... Here are some pics... Price: US$325 SHIPPED... :up: PS: Lots of vouches, just in case...
  10. Parts for sale
    So I have a 99-00 CTR headlight (PASSENGER SIDE ONLY) in MINT CONDITIONS. Pics: No broken taps, no cracks, no nothing, simply some1 messed up my driver side and I got a brand new set, selling this one since I am not going to do anything w/it... Price: US$110 SHIPPED +...
  11. Cars for Sale
    Original Cali car. Never seen snow out here in MN. It's a 99 EK Hatch painted CTR white, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber spoiler, carbon fiber trunk,carbon fiber mirrors, ctr moldings, mugen front and rear lip, hid headlights, full race traction bar, fuel lab rear chassis brace, some no name...
  12. Cars for Sale
    posting this car up for sale or trade once more...tryin to stay out of trouble lol $13,000 obo i really want a ebp 99-00 civic si, or just give me a fair trade this was originally stage2auto's k24/k20 ek AKA Bumble bee :) motor was left untouch its the same as stated from the last owner i got...
  13. Parts for sale
    Up for sale... Price: US$275 *OBO* + shipping + PP fees... Any1...!? :confused:
  14. Parts for sale
    CTR cluster in mint conditions... (9.5/10) CTR steering wheel in good shape... (8/10) Cluster: US$295obo Steering Wheel: US$275obo Items located in DR (Dominican Rep.) prices do NOT include shipping / paypal fees... For shipping quotes, post/send your zip code... PS: Feel free...
  15. Dominican Republic
    Enjoy... :up: :up:
  16. Motors / Swaps for sale
    $$$$$$$$$$$Complete k20 swap $$ New price 5200$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Sold
1-18 of 19 Results