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  1. Kswap k24a2/a3 - FN2R ECU oil level sensor issue

    General K-series related talk
    I have a problem here for a kswap attempt for Crz. Setup as below. ECU & harness - civic type r euro fn2 Engine & transmission - k24a3 manual Chassis - Crz manual 2013 Note - swap is without kpro / hondata, the plan is to just remap the ECU itself will do. As for the harness, I am able to...
  2. K20 Part-Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc.

    Parts for sale
    K-Swap Part Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc. Need everything gone before September! Prices are dirt cheap and priced to move, as such, prices are firm. Parts are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Prices are listed in USD as this is predominantly an American board! Everything is available...
  3. Rustbucket's K20Z3 CR-Z

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hi, all - Been a K20A lurker for a hot minute now, so I figured it was finally time to post up what I've been working on. Properly documented information regarding the swap in to a ZF1 chassis is also seriously lacking, so I figured I'd post my progress and findings! The boys at Teknotik are...
  4. The rough road to K-swap CRZ

    All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    So I promised I would compile a list and post the prices on what it took me to K-Swap my vehicle. The numbers are solely taken on what it took me from tear down to start up. There are some gaps that do not involve the swap directly and are inputted out of my own interest. I'd like to...