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  1. Anything else I should keep from an RSX Type-S?

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    Hello! I'm doing a k-swap into my EF CRX and was fortunate to get an entirely running 2002 RSX Type-S which was in great condition to take on this swap project. I've already pulled the motor/trans, ECU, shifter cables, engine harness and wondered if there's anything else I should keep from the...
  2. HELP! CRX Swap No Crank!

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    I've been wrestling with getting my K24 to turn over to no avail, here's some background: -fuel pump and ecu turns on (K-Pro) -there are no codes thrown on the K-Pro -the basemap is uploaded -the engine and transmission are grounded -the wiring harness is grounded to engine - I'm running a...
  3. CRX swap ECU choice?

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    Hey Guys, Long time lurker. After a bit of searching around the web i have come to see that there are a few choices in ECU for the k20. I have an '88 CRX DX with a K20a2 that will be for a daily driver however i would like to be able to get an ECU that i will grow into if i decided to go to a...
  4. ASR 32mm adj sway bar for civic EF/CRX 88-91

    Parts for sale
    SOLD ASR 32mm adj sway bar for civic EF/CRX 88-91, purchased from Kingmotorsports (see link), see pic here: $250 shipped
  5. Dyno number opinions suggestions welcome

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Whats up k20a Its been a long road but i managed to make enough time to get some work done to my crx. I recently had it tuned on a dynojet here in ABQ, and i would like to get some feedback by you all... (im unsure if elevation can affect dyno numbers but i am at 5000ft+) My mods are: K20a2...
  6. k20 intake mani, throttle body, oil pan, crx, sensors

    Parts Wanted
    Hey whats up, Been saving up for awhile and have been on the hunt for a few parts... my goal is to have a NA build with only high quality bolts on an a tune. basically, i want to do everything i can without opening the head, just bolt ons. at the moment, the only mods i have done is...
  7. CRX K swap harness

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    Hey there guys, I was looking at some pictures of the hybrid racing harness, there is a plug on there that I don't have on my harness to plug up to. My CRX is a late production 1990 HF which is actually a 1991 HF. The plug is circled in red in the picture. Any info on it would help! Thanks...
  8. FS: K-Ready Race Car Shell – ’88 CRX Si (South Carolina)

    Cars for Sale
    This 1998 Honda CRX Si is a turn-key K-ready race car shell: The car has custom welded six-point roll cage and is custom painted Voodoo Blue on the inside and the outside. The interior is race-prepped and gutted. The bucket seats are from a 2002-2005 Honda Civic Si with a RaceQuip seat harness...
  9. FS: K20a2 upgraded parts LOTS of parts

    Parts for sale
    So iam moving and cannot bring my CRX that i put i K20a2 in so i am parting it out. Txt for faster responses 254 four15-zero265 or PM me i rarely get on anymore. All prices do not include pay 3% fee or shipping cost, and all are obo Hondata KRPO PRB ECU upgrade- sold Used Hybird Racing Fuel...
  10. Fabbed a traction bar. Check it out.

    NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    Well I have been getting ready to build my K series CRX, and after a bit of research found that I could not use the stock front crossmember due to the K coming I to contact with it. After looking around I found that a replacement traction bar can be quite pricey, so I decided to built my own...
  11. Let's talk BRAKES, shall we?

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    Well, I'm getting ready to start my K24-RX build and as much as I wanna go fast I would like to stop fast. And 20 year old brakes just aren't gonna do the trick! My question is what options do I have? From top of the line to Low budget big brake set ups. Whats out there, and what are you guys...
  12. Twin Screw Lysholm AX1600 w/ Aftercooler KRX build

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    So I’m currently purchasing parts for my build this swap and I have been reading for like 3 weeks nonstop on parts and everything that is needed vs. what most people end up getting. I started a thread a few weeks back but I got deleted for some reason backs so here goes another one. I have been...
  13. Wtb: Crx

    Cars for Sale
    I am looking for the ultimate CRX. Prefer an si car that has been built tastefully. Price dependant on the specific car/ parts. I am hoping to find something with 190+ hp and very clean. I am located in the Savannah, GA area and am willing to travel in order to find the right car.
  14. Final drive help!

    Engine Building
    ive got a 1991 honda crx dx with a 2nd gen b16a swap (i didnt do it the previous owner did it) that strangely enough uses the first generation ecu, harness, ect and a first gen trans. I was wondering about changing my final drive because the car is my daily driver, im on the highway alot and...
  15. Hasport releases a new J-series kit for EF Civic and CR-x

    New Product and Industry Announcements
    Hasport is happy to announce the release of the new EFJ1. A mount kit for the J-series V6 engine into the 88-91 Civic and CR-X. I wasn't sure this kit was gonna happen, but here it is. Special thanks to Nicole at Tri-Tech Motorsports for volunteering her CRX and helping with the project. The...
  16. fs: BNIB Hasport EFK1, includes the cable to hydro conversion

    Parts for sale
    this is the original kit that came with the cable to hydro conversion. the new kits dont come with this thats why they are cheaper $500 or will trade for a set of EGK1 hasport mounts
  17. RHD K Swapped Crx

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    So I Have Been Planning To K Swap My Crx Si-R Which Happenss To Be RHD... Just Wondering If The Hasport Swap Kit Will Still Work And Else I Will Need To Know About Completing This Swap.... Any Pics Of RHD Swapped CRXs Out There...