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    Hi all Noob in here I would like to start K20/K24 project My car is honda CRV 2013 with k24z9 engine code and automatic transmission. I'm willing to swap the head by using PRB head. Hopefully all master in this forum can help me out to finish the project. Or if someone is already starting...
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    Introduction Forum
    Hi all, My name is George and I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I've always liked Honda. I recall being teen and walking past a Honda dealership in the center of Bucharest and admiring an Accord and a 3 door green HR-V. :) Have been a Honda CRV II owner for some 5 years now. First one was a 2003...
  3. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    hey guys... i have a 2004 crv with a k20a4 on it and i use it as my daily I want to add a bit more power to it but im clueless on which supercharger would best fit this engine ? would love to see helpful comments Cheers :)
  4. Parts for sale
    Hello, Up for sale are a set of pistons and con-rods with bolts that I pulled from a CRV Engine with about 110,000 miles on it. The pistons are in very good condition. There is no discoloration from heat damage and they are coming from an engine that seems to have been well maintained. The...
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  6. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    hey guys so i just finished my swap in my eg. its a k24. a4 i believe. its an accord swap. i swapped or repinned any connectors that were different so thats all out of the way. anyways, my car wont start unless i spray the intake with starter spray. it takes 2 small sprays and thats all it needs...
  7. Parts for sale
    Item: nippon crv k24 pistons and piston rings Price: 125 obo Location: south florida Contact: 7869995584 Item Description: brand new set of crv k24 pistons and pistons rings. call between 11am and 10pm, text any time.
  8. Engine Building
    I have looked everywhere for this answer but I have found nothing on this topic... I am needing to know what the differences are in the k24a1 crv England built motor and the k24a1 crv Japan built motor. I have a CRV that has the Japan built motor that is blown up. I want to know if I can run the...
  9. Parts Wanted
    Like the title says, looking for K24A1 long block from a CRV. I already have a K20 and do not need additional accessories. I'm not interested in a short block or anything that's been taking apart or is missing parts. Here's the catch: Before anyone contacts me with anything for sale, seller...
  10. Parts for sale
    i have some k24a1 parts i took off the longblock, and im selling the stuff i dont need. i dont know the milage as when i bought it, they didnt know either. ALL PRICE IS OBO!! k24a1 head, comes with everything you see in this pics and coil packs except for the cam sensors. has some rust due to...
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