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  1. Engine Building
    I have a k24z3 in a 2.4L '08 Honda Accord and I am fixing a stretched timing chain. Unfortunately, in my stupidity, I lost timing between crank and camshafts... chain was so stretched it slipped by accident over crank when I was doing something. Can I re-time the engine by the following...
  2. Motors / Swaps for sale
    Im selling my k24a4 block with Airas pistons, RS Machine rods with ARP rod bolts, micro polished crank balanced for the block, and ARP head studs. Selling it with the water pump, alternator, and starter, and no oil pan. $1000.00 shipped. (plus paypal fees) text at 623-340-8558
  3. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I was talking with a mechanic who used to run drag cars, and he said that he used a small vacuum pump off the crankcase to put a partial vacuum into the oil system, providing more thorough lubrication of the engine. He also said the oil cannot be suspended in a vacuum (floating in mid air), so...
  4. Parts for sale
    all parts are best offer k20z crank 200 mint no damage at all k20z slave 70 k20z piston/rods 150 k20z oil squirters 30 k24 crank pulley 40 k24 oil pump 75 k20z water pump 75 k20z oil pan 80 k20 timing cover/chain/tensioner/bolts 150 k20 halfshaft 80 SOLD SOLD to civicdrivr88 k20 coil pack 100...
1-4 of 4 Results