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  1. Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    I keep seeing this front bumper, fenders and hood on ebay and was wondering how hard it would be to put on a 2003 EP3, it comes with the headlights and hood this totally imposible because the rsx bumper is wider? ive seen people put intergra front and fenders on a civic hatch just...
  2. ECU and Tuning
    Car: 1998 Civic Dx Engine: K20A2 with JDM harness (purchased from Rywire) Swap harness: Rywire I purchased a Rywire K-swap conversion harness last year. I finally got around to trying to fire the car last week. When I flip the key to the 'on' position, there is a buzzing coming from the main...
  3. K-Series Transmission
    hello all i am currently in the process of trying to build a transmission for a k frank swap into my 2005 ep3. i originally intended on using a type s transmission, but when i purchased one about a year ago, my (then) ignorance did not tell me that it was an 04-05 transmission :(. what i was...
1-3 of 3 Results