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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi I'm a new member here but learning all about the K-series engines and starting to plan a swap project. I want to put a K20/K24 in my 1986 Porsche 944. There is a small community of people working on exactly this swap. To my knowledge none are running yet but they have confirmed the engine...
  2. General K-series related talk
    So last night I clutch kicked at 4000rpm and did a little burny and now im having problems, seeing if anyone can identify. -whenever I touch the clutch pedal (like 1mm press that doesnt even engage the slave) the engine area squeals, and when I press full depth in neutal, the squealing changes...
  3. General K-series related talk
    Hey Everyone! Sorry if this has been asked before. I was wondering if it is possible to put the k20 clutchkit/flywheel into a k24 gearbox? As I've been recommended to do this as it is better. Also what are the benefits of doing so rather than a k24 clutchkit/flywheel? Thanks! Pic of my ride
  4. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi all! The clutch on my '05 Accord Euro R is due for a change now (slipping more Steven Gerrard vs Chelsea, sorry Scousers! All love). For the most part, we have to import most of our parts here in the Cayman Islands. I have been shopping around online for some OEM replacements and just wanted...
  5. Parts for sale
    I HAVE A NEW IN BOX EM2 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER FOR SALE my paypal is [email protected] asking $ 90 shipped
  6. Parts for sale
    as title says, less than 2k on it ready to shipp , 400$ nothing wrong w/it just cleaning garage before winter ! its from 02-04 rsx type s . ! text me ! (847) 772-3179 Uploaded with
  7. Parts for sale
    More parts added!!!! CRV head, LSD, Swap harness, skunk2 shift knob, and Downpipe I have for sale a bunch of parts leftover from a 2002 RSX type-S car I parted out. Prices are before shipping and paypal fees. Sunroof/Cruise/mirror switch $30 Brake Master Cylinder/Booster $100 Door...
  8. K-Series Transmission
    Hey Everyone, I just got my trans put back together, and new clutch installed less than 500 miles ago. I recently replaced the slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder with brand new parts. My ISSUE is, when I go to put it in gear it is very hard, its like there is no hydraulics helping it. I...
  9. General K-series related talk
    :down:so i broke the pads of the disc of my cc stage4 clutch about 5 months ago bought a new clutch from clutchnet rated to 380hp and took two months to get here when it should have taken 3 weeks max since i live in australia . once i got it i went to get it installed, mechanics told me that the...
  10. Parts for sale
    *** SOLD to rabbit *** Hey everyone, As you can see I don't post on here much... at all lol. I am always on ClubRSX and have 86 positive transaction feedback. I decided to post on here because it would probably increase my chances of selling this. I have for sale a brand new Tilton Release...
  11. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a Primary 02 and OEM or Stage1 or 2 Clutch Kit and ECU PRB or KPRO IAT sensor, Coilover suspension or shock/springs for EF/EG/DC/EK PM please
  12. Parts for sale
    Still have some parts for sale. Prefer local pick-ups (Chicago), but WILL ship at buyers' expense. PM me for fast response. All sales are AS-IS & FINAL!!! ***SOLD*** z3 oem clutch(70% ish life left), NO visible damage/excessive wear. z3 drive-by-wire Throttle Body $40 Shipped happy...
  13. Parts Wanted
    like the title says.. in need of one.. let me know asap if you have one.. thanks.
1-15 of 27 Results