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  1. Engine Building
    I'm putting together a k24a1 frank with a k20z3 head. Block and head are completely stock, and I'm using an OEM TSX headgasket. I'm going to run a 50 degree VTC gear, and was wondering if anyone had run this combo before and experienced any problems with the full 50 degree VTC advance. I know...
  2. Engine Building
    Hello, I need some help with my build with engine clearances. This is my first engine build and I’d like to hear others opinions. Build breakdown: K24 Stock stroke 90x99 4P pro stock piston Grp aluminum rod Ported Pump K20a2 ported Head Skunk2 bmf2 cams DC roller rockers 30mm ex 37mm int M1...
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1-3 of 3 Results