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  1. RSX Builds
    I built a K24z7/K20a2 engine for my RSX but i ran into a problem, when i used the k24z7 head gasket it had a bit of a gap where oil was spitting out the rear where the block and the head met. I was wondering if anyone knew what gasket i should use to fix this issue. I believe it is the oil...
  2. 8th generation Civics 2006+
    so admittedly I'm new to the forum but I've a hopefully simple question i recently got a 2007 civic SI with the k24a2 swap. I'm tightening up my suspension (tie bars, chasis brace, springs, and shocks) and putting the typhoon k&n intake with an ingalls torque damper ultimately i will put forced...
1-2 of 2 Results