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  1. Buddy Club Thailand DC5

    Wiring and Electronics
    Just thought i'd share a couple pictures or the wiring i just wrapped up this afternoon. This is on the "Buddy Club Thailand" DC5 (I believe this is an old Buddy Club car that was retired and purchase by a friend of the Buddy Club who is now opening a branch in Thailand. The owner just...
  2. BYP Civic + Kraftwerks S/C C38-61 = 370hp *New FWD Lap Record and AUS Quickest Honda

    Drag Racing
    Since Superlap, we have made a few changes to the car to make it go even quicker than previous. The car now has 370hp at the wheels on a standard K24 bottom end. Our previous PB at Eastern Creek was a 1:41.2. On Sunday, we took out honors and came away with the win beating R35 GTR's, WRX, and...