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charge harness

  1. k swap charge harness

    General K-series related talk
    i know this might sound weird but i have a 1993 eg and the fuse box under the hood as been deleted my question is how do i hook up the starter and alt power do i tie them tougher and hook them to the battery or what ? seen form on how to hook them up but there all to the fuse box under the hood
  2. Tucked Charge Harness - Need ideas

    ECU and Tuning
    I'm in the middle of relocating the battery in my EK coupe to the trunk. I pretty much have an idea how most of the wiring is ran through out the car. But what I'm looking for are some ideas on how I can tuck my charge harness so its not visible in the engine bay. I also understand most...
  3. PA-FS:ep3 trans

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    As the titles says, I have a ep3 trans for sale simply bc I bought a 6 speed. I've never had it on a car but was told it had 60k on it from the kid who pulled it. comes with throw out bearing, slave, both nylon washers but missing one metal washer. I need this gone soon bc this will finish my...