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chain tensioner

  1. VTC sprocket noise & cam wear

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    I have a K24 which have been bored and stroked, and relevant to this port did the following upgrades: - Added a Go-Power cam from Jeff. - Having started with a TSX head, we machined the cam sprocket to advance to 40 degrees instead of the standard 20 degrees. - Loaded heavier springs to deal...
  2. Hybrid Racing Chain Tensioners?!

    New Product and Industry Announcements
    Hey guys, Will asked me to throw up a post about the chain tensioner we're working on. I'm going to put up one of my older blog posts for now, so you understand some of the stuff I post up later. In the next few days I'll put up another lengthy post that actually covers the design process of our...
  3. Got timing chain slap? Skunk2 does.

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    But who has the solution? Chunky does. :p Watch the video, and please read this entire thread. I have a very good idea of what is causing timing chain failures with skunk2 cams now. Let's see if someone can guess what the problem is. Some notes...