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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hello! I was hoping to get some advice from people more experienced with the K series platform, as you guys seem to have this motor pretty well figured out. I am interested in swapping a built K24A2 into my 1996 Miata using KPower Industries' swap kit. The car will be a dual duty car. I’d...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I'm looking to machine and upgrade my rbb3 head. I'm close to pulling the trigger on Prayoonto cam stage 4. I'm also making the common selection to get Supertech spring/retainer/seat kit SPRK-H1021D. I'm also picking up the +1mm valve Supertech HIVN-1022F & HEVN1021F. Just want to...
  3. Engine Building
    Hi all, I'm pretty new to all this stuff but I'm learning as I go. I'm trying to create a pretty decent NA build overtime but I'm not 100% sure on some things. I just purchased skunk2 stage 3 cams along with titanium retainers and new springs. I plan on buying a new chain and tensioner as well...
  4. Parts for sale
    1,000$ IPS KME v2c cams [/url]IPS KME by Mark Gaw, on Flickr[/IMG] made 284HP on K24 back in may 2013 IMG_1677 by Mark Gaw, on Flickr Mark ctcc 71, 8th Gen Civic
  5. Parts for sale
    Sold, please close.
  6. Parts for sale
    Kelford stage 2.2 cams (179b2) in mint condition. no defects at all. cams broken in properly and well maintained. made awesome power on a k24k20 street set up. 281whp 209twq on 93 octane. asking $450 shipped( buyer must pay paypal fees) K20a2 oil pump also in mint condition. came out of a...
  7. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Whats up guys, i current am in the middle of rebuilding my motor for next year. I am currious as to what you guys think is the best cam to support my motor. currently have ipskt1 cams , was looking into maybe kt2's or some prayoonto stg 2's or stg 3's ? Previous setup: K20a2 , car made...
  8. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    So I know this topic has been covered countless times, but i cannot seem to find any relevant information. (I'm not too great with the search button). Has anyone ever used Z1 cams in there stock 05 Tsx motor? or Does anyone have a recommendation for an aftermarket cam that isn't going to cost...
  9. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Camshafts are a vital part of your engine and you should do a lot of research before pulling the trigger. In the process of doing research for my motor i put all the info i got from manufactures into a spreadsheet so anyone could see. DISCLAIMER Companies provided this information and it could...
  10. Parts for sale
    follow the rules then make a thread.
  11. Parts for sale
    K20a2 cams up for sale lookin for 200 obo located in NJ if you want to ship I might pay for shipping or we can work out a deal text or call 9739918839
  12. Parts Wanted
    Im looking for a full set of rockers and cams for my k20a2 head. LMK
  13. Parts for sale
    Im doing a K24a2 swap, and im building the motor so I dont need these items. Parts--- Miles: 89,xxx Condition: Great From: K24a2 2006 Acura TSX Pistons/Rods 225shipped PENDING Cams without camgears SOLD Oil Pump 80shipped Engine Harness 150shipped Any other questions...
  14. Parts for sale
    Bought these Skunk 2 Turbo cams PN:305-05-0265 a while ago for my turbo build but decided on going N/A for now. Bought used from a guy who had just installed them in a build but parted before he ever got it completed. List for 650. Looking to get $450obo or trade for after-market k20a2 N/A cams...
  15. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I currently have a 04 RSX with a k20a2 in it. I have blown 3 engines in this car so far. So, I figured its time to get something that can handle a little more than stock. I need an aggressive street cam because I want to make around 250hp to the wheels with a NA motor. I plan to keep the bottom...
  16. Parts Wanted
    like the tittle says looking to buy 06-08 tsx cams, only those years, let me know what you have thanks.
1-17 of 38 Results