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  1. Engine Building
    I have a k24z3 in a 2.4L '08 Honda Accord and I am fixing a stretched timing chain. Unfortunately, in my stupidity, I lost timing between crank and camshafts... chain was so stretched it slipped by accident over crank when I was doing something. Can I re-time the engine by the following...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I'm trying to made a decision on what cam I should get. I'm currently hand porting a k24a2 rbb3 head and want to get the most out of the port. My plans for the car is autocross as much as possible, some track days, and a few cross country road trips. I plan on rebuilding the block...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi I'm after a k20 50 degree vtc came for me k24a3 if any has one up for grabs Just pm me your offers shipped to Brisbane qld Australia 4061 cheers :coleman:
  4. Parts Wanted
    Want to purchase 06+ tsx cams Intake and Exhaust call or text 4168327524
  5. Parts Wanted
    Want to purchase 06+ tsx cams Intake and Exhaust
  6. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I currently have a 04 RSX with a k20a2 in it. I have blown 3 engines in this car so far. So, I figured its time to get something that can handle a little more than stock. I need an aggressive street cam because I want to make around 250hp to the wheels with a NA motor. I plan to keep the bottom...
  7. Parts for sale
    i have for sale my stock cams from my K20 springs and retainers for sale. willing to ship. pics will be posted this afternoon. asking price 300obo can text pics b4 this afternoon if interested 904-469-5700
  8. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking to buy a complete rocker assembly for a k20a3. I need them to be in good shape since I'm going to use them to replace mine. Camshafts would also be nice to have with it (my intake cam is damaged) but not required. PM me or post on here with offers and details, and we can go from...
  9. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi guys I am currently having a K20Z2 which is similar to the K20A3 engine, which has no VTEC on exhaust. I am currently thinking of 2 things, either upgrade the camshaft alone to Brian Crower K20A3/K24 Stage 2 or upgrade the whole head to K20A/A2 which consists of camshaft, valve springs...
  10. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    i have a problem when i install my cams (skunk2) the car run and drove he for 3 or 4 week yesterday i see the check engine light on and check with the hondata and this code appear p0341 i drive to my home and check for some sensor bad etc i run the car again and the light come on the same code...
  11. Parts for sale
    FS: Slighty used Rcrew cams $375 shipped Sold...thanks
1-11 of 13 Results