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  1. Wiring and Electronics
    I just prepareing my car to trim the unnecessary wiring , specially inside , I really have to figure , should i trim it before plugging the conversion or should i trim after i plug the conversion. Got the figure which wiring go to where , from end wiring , so i pretty much marking the wiring...
  2. Parts for sale
    what up k20a members up for sale is one of my few parts that i'll be upgrading. is a shifter box cables and the mounting plate all in one along with the clips and all the hardware needed it for the complete install..below are some pictures. the price is $250 with paypal fees included. buyers is...
  3. K-Series Transmission
    hey so i have a weird one for you guys. the shifter mechanism part on the transmission that has both cables connected to it and moves when you shift and the cables move, usually it's supposed to come close to the tranny, but this one actually hits it. the reason why i'm asking is it could...
1-3 of 3 Results