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  1. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Hi guys, Been searching around, and although I found some valuable info, I just couldn't get the complete 100% info on if my swap harness is wired correctly. Maybe it is, but I don't want to try and maybe harm anything (I'm not an electrician). So what I found out is that the best solution is...
  2. Wiring and Electronics
    (sho2s ecu a23 sg2) This is the wire that i am missing on my c101 plug. What does this do, where does it go, and what does it mean? The car also doesn't start and im hoping this is the reason.
  3. Wiring and Electronics
    hi guys just after some insight on this issue i might have i just replaced my c101 male connector off the engine harness repined it as it was and went to pug it in all pins look good but i have a extra pin in my engine harness that my conversion harness does not have i looked it up and its pin...
1-3 of 3 Results