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  1. BYP Racing - K24 swapped S2000 *Australia

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    It seems like these days everyone is putting K-series engine packages in all sorts of vehicles. Its a testament to the K-series engines! When our workshop S2000 OEM engine losing compression at WTAC 2013, there was a few options we weigh up. Even before the engine lost compression, we were...
  2. BYP Racing All Motor Drag Car - [email protected] *Australia* Quest for 10 second passes

    Drag Racing
    BYP Racing All Motor Drag Car - [email protected] *Australia* Page 2 Update - New PB [email protected] Drag Racing has been slow in Australia for the Honda scene for the past couple of years so we thought we help revive it in the community with the completion of our new drag car in 2012 Its a simple...
  3. (AUS) BYP EG [email protected] + Time Attack warrior*All OEM motor

    Drag Racing
    Thought i share what we have been doing here in Australia Sydney We had a chance to take one of the Time Attack EG Civic to the Street meeting on the Wednesday night at the local drag strip The car is an All Motor K20/K24 set-up built with all OEM internals. The motor and car has seen over 400...