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  1. FS: Devsport bolt washer kit, Buddy Club Camber Kit, Zex, Autometer Gauges, SW Hub

    Parts for sale
    lock and delete please. Made a new thread
  2. 2003 rsx engine bolts diagram!

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Hey everyone, i was trying to find the tall stud that goes onto the passenger engine mount. Need to replace it but couldnt locate it anywhere! so i finally found out which part number it is. you can find it here...
  3. Transmission mount bolt Part#?

    K-Series Transmission
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone know what is the part numbers for the 3 bolts thats goes onto the transmission and engine mount? 2 are suppose to be bolted in. And one is actually a bolt already coming out of the transmission case. I need to replace all 3 of those. Thank you
  4. Subframe Problem...

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    The welds on the tack welded nut inside the frame of the car came loose on bolt #20 in the diagram. Instead of cutting it or coming up with a clever solution we just kept yanking on the subframe until the backing nut ripped through the bottom of the frame. There is a good sized hole but I...