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  1. Iris Style Throttle Body

    Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I doubt this is the right place to drop this thread. But I was considering using an iris style throttle body for better airflow, has anyone done that with a K-series before? If not, why? Example:
  2. nalos'S PARTOUT:Kswap,OEM,ITR,Circuit,HybridRacing,Mugen SW, 05 rsxs TB Karcepts

    Parts for sale
    nalos'S PARTOUT:Kswap,OEM,ITR,Circuit Hero,Hybrid Racing,ASP Header Getting out of the Scene for a Little to try Different things. All these parts came of my integra. All Kswap parts were bought brand New and have less then 3,000 miles on them since I only lived 3miles away from my job and...