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  1. All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    Hey Planning a B16 or B18 swap into a first gen Civic (73-77). I am just trying to figure budget for now and was wanting help from some of the people who have swapped on here. I know First gen is smaller and was wondering if bay cutting would have to be done to place the motor in.? I was also...
  2. Parts for sale
    Hey guys, My friend recently went Rotrex and he has since been deployed to Afghanistan so he asked me to watch over his car and to help him sell some parts while he was gone. I hope he makes it back okay! He is a great guy. Anyway, enough of the sob story. I'm selling a short ram intake for...
  3. Cars for Sale
    I am looking for the ultimate CRX. Prefer an si car that has been built tastefully. Price dependant on the specific car/ parts. I am hoping to find something with 190+ hp and very clean. I am located in the Savannah, GA area and am willing to travel in order to find the right car.
  4. Cars for Sale
    Hey there! Having some different financial views coming to light, and i need to sell my R =[ Shes a 98 Championship White Acura Integra Type R #544 (Vin provided to serious buyers only) Has ~95k km on the chassis (pretty low somewhere in the 56k range!) and ~3k on built motor. Motor is an...
1-4 of 5 Results