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  1. General K-series related talk
    Hey everyone, I am new to k-series from d series. I picked me up a k24a4 from the u-pull the other day and there is literally no manual transmissions in a 400 mile radius from me. Soooo could I do a auto swap? If so what all do I need? All harnesses, tachometer, ecu, shifter cables pedal...
  2. General K-series related talk
    Hello everyone, I just recently bought a Acura RSX but it’s automatic because I couldn’t afford the type S. I want to make my car faster at least 200hp can anyone help me with this situation?
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hi all Noob in here I would like to start K20/K24 project My car is honda CRV 2013 with k24z9 engine code and automatic transmission. I'm willing to swap the head by using PRB head. Hopefully all master in this forum can help me out to finish the project. Or if someone is already starting...
  4. General K-series related talk
    I have a 2008 Element and I want to swap A/T to manual. I have done a few motor swaps/ tranny swaps but never an Element/ new stuff. 2 questions First, can I swap the tranny in and with rewiring things like neutral safety switch, clutch switch etc and not need a new ECU? If I remember...
  5. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    From this link, I got an idea to put K20a with automatic transmission. I talk to babyk for a while and decided to do. K20a block My old automatic gear box. K20a block and gearbox before build up and after.
1-5 of 5 Results